prelude: Ash Wednesday

I have apologized more times than one
    have paid my dues to the thistle and the thorn
and many times have I thought,
    this flame is enough!

have faced my own wickedness with something akin to despair
    infinitely more cowardly, 
        refused to face it

Yet I will fathom the depths of my aggression,
    my heartbreak and longing, my entitlement and greed

        and turn, turn

Turn to You  
Turn into your face, your gaze, your solid chest

Turn to cry, 'Change me!' 
'Leave me not alone!'

O you who pulled me from the pit,
who breathed,
and your breath dispersed my darkness:
    do not forget me
        and do not pass me by!

I recognize (though I hardly understand)
I am ashes and dust

But you come, 
you invite
your warmth, 
your eyes

Lord Jesus Christ, 
    I receive you 
into my twisted heart.


winter cooking

  • Smoothies: bananas, spinach, kale, fruit, chard, almond milk, flaxseed, ice
  • Savory zucchini bread with Moroccan spices
  • Cabbage-fennel soup with roasted garlic chips
  • Zucchini frittata with chilis
  • Pumpkin-cauliflower soup
  • White wine curry squash soup
  • Raw kale salad with sesame dressing
  • Mozzarella chard salad
  • Red wine vinegar black bean dip


weird video, but lovely song

Now just picture dear and beloved TB singing this on 26 May 2013.

But all things will come together.  Songs and feasts and wine overflowing.  And that day will be one unforgettable.


12.27.12 [the Mountain-Climber proposes]

Is not impermanence the very fragrance of our days? 

The hunger in my right hand for my pen has eased by now, and the blank pages of my newest journal perturb me a little less.  I have grown adjusted to the fleeting days and accustomed to ignoring my longing to record all pieces of beauty and heartbreak and detail, given over to the scarcity of opportunities to write this fall and winter.  

Do not fear, Little One, your hand will again drink from the inkwell in its time and season.

But how could I not inscribe this day, when the Winemaker asked for me?  These are the things I will remember from the sunset that changed my life:

  • the almost-full moon rising as we drove back in starlight
  • and that beautiful expanse, the vista east and north and west he led me to, the sweeping Methow Valley edging toward Loup Loup, the Pasayten, the Cascades and the Okanogan.  

  • laughing uncontrollably as I began to discern the immediacy of the coming request.  My love also laughing, terribly nervous.  Turning me as we calmed to face the sunlight on the mountains.
  • his arms encircling me as he recalled the dream I had after we met but before we ever spent time together, the scene of us running through tall fields of sunflowers, planted ten and twelve feet high along narrow trails.  Our visit to Elbow Coulee in May, when he first took me home, to participate in the mountain race Sunflower Relay.  (I met you in a dream, my Love,  and I woke with the knowledge that my husband would come to me).
  • And then I could no longer feel his arms around me, and I could not turn around to see him on his knees; I was weeping before I even faced him.  I want to run with you, he told me, as long as I walk this earth.

Yes, the Lord has been so good to me.


Bozeman Thanksgiving

 dearest friends
 branch art installations
 the Winemaker
 an incredible meal, after a 21 day cleanse
 mountains, snowshoeing, and light
these four