i don't lie when i say i [can] love [crave?] anonymity.

and so, while i love this tiny town, sometimes, it's too much.


[portland] sunsets say goodbye

In limbo at the Portland airport.

4 8th grade-ish looking boys playing me brass christmas carols on their trumpets and drums. I guess it's random to listen to a small quartet in an airport, but it's also fitting.

I'm trying to process everything--the 5 finals taken, 6 boxes packed and sent north, 1 room checked out of, 2 roommates bid goodbye, countless other friends hugged and kissed--home (and snow!) in a few hours and a new season ahead.

Heh, I am no good at processing.

"and i cry hello to the change, You've brought me this far..."


two roads diverged

you come to me with fumbling tongue
"our minds, they connect!" you contend
and i must confess, i cannot disagree
but sometimes minds aren't magnets,
instead daggers to the heart
and i feel like i've lost something-
but not you.


high tides and rainy nights

"Only the moon high in the sky as an empty reminder, but if, looking at it, we just remember, our two hearts may meet."


get in the christmas spirit, you

Over satsumas and Sufjan, with some trepidation, I make my announcement:
Next semester, I'll be studying in San Francisco.

Ok, the worst is over.

The weather has been so strange lately- 38 degrees last night! But today in the 70s, with higher local swell than I've ever seen- higher than it's been for 2 years, apparently. There were about 20 surfers at East Beach, next to the pier.

I'm going to miss this stretch of the Pacific--this surfing, skating, avocado-eating, classic California culture that I both mock and share in--that has pursued me all of my life. Oh So-Cal, I came to find something, and you offered all you had. And now you are as fully in me as my Washington, now after every Christmas and summer spent with you, now after these 18 months.

On to the next adventure. I've never even been to San Fran, you know. I come from the wilderness, for goodness sake! Mountains and islands through and through!

I am afraid of this next part of the journey, but just a little. Feeling a little bit brave. And trying to soak up every last moment with my beautiful friends in the Barb.


feliz cumpleaƱos, mi hermana

My sister Caitlin (Caity) turns 9 today. Happy birthday to 1000 miles North! 10 days and I'll be there.