cape canaveral

"oh, oh, oh brother totem pole
i saw your legends lined up
& i never felt more natural
apart, i just came apart"

-conor oberst


our folklore days

put away the canvas, now--it has all been painted white
huddle close, listen, now, to the stillness of the night

the hens running free, the ducks and the geese merry
the weight of a ripe melon measured in your palm
and black seeds from the yellow and red fruit spat pleasurably to the sand at your feet

the days are spinning now, harder and faster than before
and you are careening toward something you can't see
oh, hold on in your dizziness, hold tight

the blooms of shy sunflowers fading now
once saffron and amber, ivory and gold
the roundness of each august peach in your hand
now turning to an apple, an oblong pear

the days are slipping away, dandelions blown by the wind
the harvest is coming, the harvest is here
put away the canvas, let it rest with your sweet summer dreams
bind up your bare feet, braid the wild farmer hair into the attention of your studies

come closer, now, lock your fingers in mine
we will fall into the leaves of autumn
rejoicing, we will brave the winter together

let the shimmering strips of fabric dance on in the shifting winds


"Meditation is old and honorable, so why should I
not sit, every morning of my life, on the hillside,
looking into the shining world? Because, properly
attended to, delight, as well as havoc, is suggestion.
Can one be passionate about the just, the ideal, the
sublime, and the holy, and yet commit to no labor
in it's cause? I don't think so.

All summations have a beginning, all effect has a
story, all kindness begins with the sown seed.
Thought buds towards radiance. The gospel of
light is the crossroads of indolence, or action.

Be ignited, or be gone."

- Mary Oliver


shout-out to shepard fairey

(whose thought-provoking and socially-conscious works of art, produced for his company Obey, I have increasingly appreciated the past couple of years):

Oh, and if you see any of those beautiful Obama images with Hope or Progress on them, it's Shepard's work.
For more, click here.


& now it all begins

But at least all my classes are going to be interesting. This autumn, I have:

Perspectives on World History (one of my last GEs!)
Ethnicity & Race in American Literature
Victorian Lit
Sex, Gender, & Power
Mountain Biking

17 units total, plus 5 hours of work/week, in the telecom booth.
Also, I just purchased a plane ticket home for Thanksgiving! I haven't been out of California for autumn for the past two years, and I know I just left, but I am so stoked.